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Next courses of Nada Yoga

*** Next course in English in Vancouver October 2019

More Information coming soon

Nada Yoga is a deep experience;

It takes you away, it takes you inside. Sound and Energy and Light are an expression of our Real Nature.

A line of a poet, or a line of a song can take your breath away. Can make you cry or still your mind.

Can change your mood and uplift you.


The Divine is Love, Unconditional, Pure, bondage, only Love and Love and Love...for ever free.......

There is a need deep inside, a need to go back Home, to be free, free from everything and bath in Joy and in Intimate Sweetness.

For me, Sound and Energy (what they call here in India Saraswati and Shakty)have been a tool to go inside and find That Presence where there is only Sweetness and Love.

I am very thankful to my beloved Gurus to have tough me devotion and service, because indeed, the very inner quality of That blessed Presence inside is Gratitude, Devotion, and sweet Compassion. What is the quality of fire? Is it not light and heat? And what is the quality of water? Is it not freshness and plasticity?

For me, what I experience inside is Love and Love and Love.

Lord, I belong to Thee, I have taken my cross and I am trying to step into Your Footprint. I am here for You and Your children...


It was asked me to spend few words about Nada Yoga. To me, in all these years of singing, I can not speak much. I can only say that Nada yoga has been a fantastic instrument to go inside and find what already is there, waiting for our need to step into Fullness.

This life is blessed, and blessed are you that read this.

Do not forget these few lines; do not under estimate them...

It might look that you are the body that you are using now, but it is not day you will leave it. You are not made only of flesh and blood, you have “something else” inside of you. But how are you going to discover it? You need a tool, don’t you?


India, as well as Tibet and Egypt has a tradition of esoteric methods to dive deep within. Here they call them “yogas” (union of the individual soul with the Supreme) or “Tantras” (methods, there are 64 tantras for instance).

But our tradition has lost this kind of approach.

That is why I went to search for so long in India, Nepal, Shri Lanka and other places also. I have spent half of my life in this search, and I feel very very lucky and grateful...

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